Visiting Shanghai Asian Manor

This little gem is located on the corner of Mott and Mosco streets, about 2 doors down from the iconic Wo Hop. This is also the birthplace of, so be sure to check out the statue De Blasio is erecting out front in honor of this great moment in history.


Thanks to some intel, we rolled in with one thing on our mind; soup dumplings. More formally known as xiao long bao (“XLB”). These little sacks of porky goodness were served boiling hot, but well worth the pain. Most notable was the earthy mushroom flavor of these, with a broth that wasn’t overly salty. Our table of 4 ordered 3 baskets right out of the gate and followed up with two more after a quick Szechuan Wonton break.


The Szechuan Wontons were absolutely bomb. So good, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture. Unlike most other bootleg dumpling joints that just throw chili oil on them, Shanghai Asian Manor has a sweet and spicy sauce (I suspect a plum sauce) that is absolutely killer.


Despite our love of all things dumpling, we also tried a handful of entrees. Pork fried rice, chicken & broccoli, and tangerine beef. These were ok, but nowhere nearly as remarkable as the XLB or Szechuan Wontons. The table unanimously agreed that deep fried beef was strange.

Come for the:

  • Soup dumplings
  • Szechuan Wontons

Pass on the:

  • Tangerine beef

P.S. – Don’t try to steal the chop sticks.